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Defects from Repair Projects

Where HOAs And COAs Turn For Help With Repair-Related Construction Defects Condominium owners associations (COAs) and homeowners associations (HOAs) have important responsibilities. Among other ... continue reading

The Construction Defect Process

Navigating The Florida Construction Defect Process (Chapter 558) Florida law outlines a very specific process for pursuing construction defect claims. When a defect comes ... continue reading

Contract Disputes

Resolve The Toughest Contract Dispute With Our Help Contract disputes can be immensely confusing and stressful — for employers, but particularly for employees. Of ... continue reading

Business Formation

Form Your Business With Our Experience Correctly forming a business is of crucial importance. The way a business is filed sets the groundwork upon ... continue reading

Keys to a Successful Claim

How To Raise A Strong Construction Defect Claim: 5 Keys To Success Construction defects can be extremely costly, particularly when they involve multiple homeowners ... continue reading

Construction Defects FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Defects In Florida At Tannenbaum Scro, a Florida-based construction law firm, we’re committed to educating owners and associations about ... continue reading

Construction Defects for HOAs/COAs

Trusted Legal Partners For HOAs And COAs Navigating Construction Defects Construction defects can cause countless headaches for community associations. Identifying and pursuing these claims ... continue reading

Standing Up For Customers When Builders Default

When you’re looking for a home, choosing to build instead of buying is a big decision. So, too, is the decision of which builder ... continue reading

Resolve Your Construction Contract Issue

The success of a construction project requires parties working together from a solid agreement and process. As such, a clearly defined contractual foundation can ... continue reading

Sarasota’s Alan Tannenbaum witnesses France attack

Alan Tannenbaum describes the scene in Nice. June 16, 2016 — Chicken and wine sauce may have saved Alan Tannenbaum’s life. The prominent Sarasota ... continue reading