Condominium Construction Defects

Dealing With Construction Defects In Florida Condominiums
Construction defects are alarmingly common in condominium communities. They can result from new builds as well as conversion projects and repairs. Associations are often left shouldering costly fixes when contractors and designers don’t do their jobs.

At Tannenbaum Scro, we apply more than three decades of experience to help condominium owners associations (COAs) hold the right parties accountable.

How COAs Benefit From Our Unique Strengths
We are one of Florida’s leading legal teams in construction defect matters – especially when it comes to representing COAs in high-stakes defect claims. Our legal team includes board-certified specialists in construction and real estate law, and one of our attorneys has a background in construction management and civil engineering. We routinely participate in association-related trade shows and conventions, and we offer free continuing education unit (CEU) courses for association managers, demonstrating the depth of our knowledge in this highly nuanced area.

Results That Speak Volumes

Our experience is backed by proven results in high-stakes condo construction defects cases. We have obtained numerous million-plus dollar settlements and verdicts, including one of the largest construction defects jury verdicts in Florida (over $3.5 million) on behalf of a condo association.

Learn more about our many strengths in this niche area of practice.

Common Defects
Construction defects may involve poor workmanship, subpar materials or improper design. These issues frequently come to light during the turnover process, when control is transitioned from the developer to the unit owners. They also arise from repairs, remediation work and even routine maintenance.

Our lawyers help associations deal with problems within all these contexts. We handle claims involving everything from mold and leaks to sloppy repairs and structural issues.

Tailoring An Approach For Your Situation
Our approach in these cases centers on protecting the rights of our clients. In many cases, we can develop creative resolutions that accomplish clients’ goals without costing a fortune (and without requiring a drawn-out legal battle in court).

Of course, should arbitration or litigation become necessary, our team is well-equipped to advocate for your interests. We have a wealth of trial experience and a respected reputation in the courtroom.

Learn More
We invite you to get in touch with our legal team by calling 941-444-9092 or toll-free at 866-615-4543. We represent condo owners associations (COAs) and managers statewide from our offices in Sarasota, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Fort Myers.